Be-Creative-Services is a company consisting of creative individuals with a wide range of talents and capabilities.

Be-Creative-Services performs electronics repair and computer engineering/design. Would you like a custom built PC?  Do you need files transferred from old computer to a new computer?  Computer running slow? Annoying pop-ups? Do you need other services?  Competitive rates without the wait!

We offer  photographic and video services, website design and technical writing.  We offer various crafts and artistic work in ceramics, stained glass and jewelry.  Creative sewing projects, etc, are some of the things we do.    

Our website is updated regularly.  Please return often to gather more  information about our services and to view more examples of some of our creations.

To view two of the web pages/sites that we have developed, go to:

Photo/Video Services and

To view several businesses we are associated with, go to

A Touch of Glass

HeavenLy HanDs Creations

Thank you for taking the time to read the information about our exciting business.  Please return soon. 

We hope you enjoy a Happy and “Creative” 2024!!!!

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